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Sample Chapter - Gardener's Guide to Growing Potatoes in the Vegetable Garden - Potato Propagation

Potato Tubers
Potato Tubers

The tuber, or potato, is not a root. It is a modified stem. Gardeners use this tuber to propagate the plant. Gardeners may use leftover potatoes from last year’s crop, or using certified seed potatoes. It is best to use certified seed. Potatoes sold at the grocery store may also be used, but they may have viral diseases that they can transmit to the soil. Potato growers treat these potatoes with a chemical to prevent them from sprouting. Thus, they may not sprout and if they do, the potatoes may not grow well.

Potato Eye
Potato Eye
Gardener's Guide to Growing Potatoes in the Vegetable Garden
Gardener's Guide to Growing Potatoes in the Vegetable Garden
Cut the potatoes, leaving two to three eyes per section. Plant the eyes in a furrow or hole about one to two inches deep and about a foot apart about two weeks before the last frost date. The rows should be at least sixteen inches apart. They should be further apart if using a garden tiller to cultivate. Allow plenty of room so the tines don't cut the developing potatoes. The sprouts will begin to emerge from the soil in about two weeks. Potatoes can withstand a light frost with little or no damage. They do need protection from heavier frosts. The potato is a perennial in its native South American climate and the tubers can survive underground in USAD Zones 3 - 9.
Potato Sprout
Potato Sprout
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