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Gardener's Guide To The Candytuft

Gardener's Guide To Perennial Candytuft

Gardener's Guide To Perennial Candytuft

Iberis, or perennial candytuft, can be one of the stalwarts of the full sun perennial garden.
Iberis is suitable for full sun and poor soil. It can serve as a rock garden plant, ground cover or in the border garden. Iberis provides three seasons of interest as it blooms in the spring and displays its attractive bright green foliage through the summer and into early winter.

Written for gardeners by a gardener Gardener's Guide to Perennial Candytuft relates how to grow this beautiful perennial flower successful. From seed to cuttings to division, learn how to propagate this wonderful full sun perennial plant.

Candytuft has many varieties available and you will fine the most readily obtainable ones listed here. Gardeners will find the included seed catalog list useful.

The Gardener's Guide to the Full Sun Perennial Flower Garden Series contains twenty full sun perennial flowers for the home perennial flower garden. The flower guides have the information the gardener needs to grow the plants successfully. From culture, propagation and best varieties, each guide contains complete information

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