Mossy Feet Book Series

Mossy Feet Book Series - Garden, Indiana, History, Fiction, Fantasy

Hoosier History Stories 

Indiana possesses a rich history that is fun to read and learn. An Indiana History Story a Day – January, like the Indiana Bicentennial History Series that preceded it, presents Indiana history in an easy to read “this day in history format”

Indiana Museum Series

Indiana's museums tell the fascinating story of its history and culture. The Indiana Museum Series tells the story of these museums.

Gardeners' Guide to Botany Series

The books in the series cover all facets of the plants we use in our gardens. They include the roots, stems, leaves and flowers of the plants we grow for flowers and vegetables in the garden. They contain information on the propagation, harvesting and storage of the plants we need to enjoy or consume.

Indiana State Park Series

The Indiana State Park Travel Guide Series will encompass all the family friendly Indiana State Parks. Indiana’s State Park system is one of the finest in the United States. With great hiking trails, history, and nature, there is something for everyone at an Indiana State Park.

Gardener's Guide to Growing Your Vegetable Garden 
The garden vegetable series Gardener's Guide to Growing Your Vegetable Garden includes many of the most common vegetables grown in the home vegetable garden. The books relate to the gardener complete growing, culture, botanical, harvesting and storage information. Great for veteran or beginning gardeners the series is written for gardeners by a gardener.

Exploring Indiana's Highways and Back Roads Series

Explore Indiana's  highways and back roads, learning Hoosier history and finding exciting things to see. The Exploring Indiana's Highways and Back Roads Series will help you find many hidden gems for you to enjoy.

Indiana Road Trip Travel Guide Series

Explore Indiana with this series of short road trips

366 Days of United States Colonial History
Two volumes loaded with famous and obscure historical events from America's past. Each volume contains 366 articles that cover topics like the day Ben Franklin tried to electrocute a turkey and George Washington's first perilous river crossing during the French and Indian War. History lovers will delight in the historical facts and events they discover in these wonderful volumes. Softbound and ebook formats available.

Timeline of United States History Series

Discover some of the famous and almost forgotten historic stories of America.

A Year in Wildflowers Series
The A Year in Wildflowers Guide book series presents wildflower enthusiasts with easy to use format that allows easier identification. The guide books are divided first by order of bloom, then by color. This format makes it easier to find the flower and identify it. Availble in both ebook and softbound, the guidebook is a must for hikers and wildflower enthusiasts.

Dark Fantasy Novel Series

A series of dark fantasy novels that will chill your soul.

This Day in Early American Frontier History - 2016

The Series This Day in Early American Frontier History – 2016 tells the story of the early American frontier. It presents one history lesson a day that allows the student of American History to learn about the events and people that lived the story of American settlement. There will be twelve books in this series., one for each month. A complete collection of the books in the series will appear in late 2016.

Wizard of the Golden Star Series - Epic Fantasy

Progeny of the dark wizard, Darnay, Gwaum arose from fire and smoke. His first meal of living human flesh sparked a hunger for that delicacy that nothing could satiate. The powerful Wizards of the Golden Star's task is to try to protect the Six nations from the horrible creature. Nerza, Arii, and Tarque, aided by his love Miralba, endeavor to contain the creature.

Gardener”s Guide to the Full Sun Perennial Flower ...

The Gardeners' Guide to the Full Sun Perennial Flower Garden series contains twenty full sun perennial flowers for the home perennial flower garden. The flower guides have the information the gardener needs to grow the plants successfully. From culture, propagation and best varieties each guide contains complete information on each plant.

History of Things

Everything we use has a history. The books in this series allow readers to explore this history of the things we use.

Home Guide Basics Series

The Home Guide Basics Series of books will explain the basic operation, options and systems of many appliances used in the home. The series will include books on rechargeable batteries, tankless water heaters, robotic vacuum cleaners, laminate floors, radiant heat, solar power, alternate energy sources, water filtration, solar garden equipment and more.

A Year of Colonial American Frontier History

The American History a Day at A Time books present the story behind the headlines. It is easy and fun to learn a lesson in colonial American history facts daily. If you have ever read those “This Day in History” listings, you may have been curious about the events behind the scenes. The short history stories in this collection of history stories are from the pioneer frontier period of American history. They include historical facts and events for a whole year.

Indiana Historic Travel Guide Book Series

Gardener's Guide Series
The Gardener's Guide series is a aeries of gardening books devoted to basic gardening techniques, tools and methods

Fiction Short Story Collection Series

Short fiction stories in various genres. The genres include humor, science fiction and fantasy.

Indiana Bicentennial Day in History Series

The Indiana Bicentennial History Series relates the history of Indiana in a series of short articles that describe important facts and events in the history of the State of Indiana on a day-to-day format. Readers will learn about the rich history of Indiana in a fun and informative series of books that will consist of one book for each month.