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History of the Telephone 
The telephone has come a long way from the primitive “Lover’s Phones” invented in 1667 to today’s sophisticated cell phone and satellite

Gardener's Guide to Those Other Brassica Crops
Brassica crops in the cabbage family are among the most nutritious and flavorful crops grown in the garden. The Gardener's Guide to Those Other Brassica Crops is a useful gardening guide for both beginning and veteran gardeners, includes cultural, preservation and planting information for collards, kale, Brussels sprouts and kohlrabi.

Indiana’s Timeless Tales - 1782 - 1791
The Northwest Territory - Book 1
Projected Publishing Date - December 7, 2018
Indiana’s Timeless Tales - 1782 - 1791 is a fascinating time line of events in the Northwest Territory that occurred before Indiana was a state. This volume covers events from the inception of the Northwest Territory until the tragic events surrounding St. Claire's Defeat.

A History of Time
A Chronicle of Calendars, Clocks and Time Zones
Projected Publishing Date:
December 18, 2018
Discover the fascinating history of time, clocks, calendars and time zones. A History of Time reveals the journal of the development of how humans keep track of time, including daylight saving time.

Gardeners Guide to Growing Vegetables
Gardener's Guide to Growing Your Vegetable Garden 
A Beginner's Handbook for Vegetable Culture
Beginning and veteran gardeners will find the Gardeners Guide to Growing Vegetables an essential manual for the culture, harvest, storage and pest control of almost thirty popular garden vegetables.