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New Releases From Mossy Feet Books

Short History of Libraries, Printing and Language - Indiana Edition
The Short History of Libraries, Printing and Language tells the story of printing, language, books, writing and libraries. Learn about the development of ink, papyrus, parchment, paper and the story of Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press. This Indiana Edition relates the history of early Indiana libraries, the Indiana State Library and Indiana library laws.

The Northwest Indian War
Description:Explore Indiana’s early history using this journal of history stories from the beginning days of the Northwest Territory. A Timeline of Indiana History - 1792 - 1794 relates the time line of events that occurred between St. Clair's Defeat to, and including the Battles of Fort Recovery and Fallen Timbers. Many of these stories of the Northwest Indian War are little known and obscure historical tales that the reader will enjoy learning.

A Guide to the United States Founding Documents

Beginning with Benjamin Franklin's Albany Plan of Union, the Constitution of the United States became the crowning success of United States self government thirty-three years later when the Constitutional Convention adopted it. The Stamp Act Congress in 1765 became the first colonial attempt at united action. By the time the Second Continental Congress assembled in 1775 the first shots of the War of Independence had been fired. Newly elected after his return to Philadelphia, Franklin submitted his Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. This document, very similar to his proposal over twenty years before, the Congress delayed serious consideration of his proposal until after passing the Declaration of Independence. The Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation in 1777, however the last state did not ratify them until 1781. By 1787 it had become clear that the Articles were insufficient to govern the nation and the Constitutional Convention assembled in Philadelphia. The Convention adopted the Constitution later that year, however only after the arguments voiced by writers of the Federalist Papers was the document ratified in 1788. The Bill of Rights became the first ten amendments adopted into the Constitution.

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The Agricultural and 4-H Fair - Southeast Edition
The annual festival, or fair, dates back to ancient times with the Mesopotamians, Indians and Greeks. During the Middle Ages the fair evolved into a combination religious and market event with merchants selling exotic goods from faraway places as well as local farmers selling their produce. The Modern Agricultural Fair emerged when Massachusetts resident Elkanah Watson needed an event to show his prize sheep. Watson became an early advocate for agricultural fairs as educational venues for farmers. The county extension service grew out of this need for agricultural education.
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Southeast Indiana Agritourism Guide
Find the best Farm fresh produce, meats, eggs and plants using the Southeast Indiana Agritourism Guide as your source manual. The guide lists farmers markets, garden centers, nurseries and farms where consumers may purchase local agricultural products.
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Time Line of the American Revolution - 1775
Discover the obscure, little known actions as well as the famous ones in the Time Line of the American Revolution - 1775. This journal of the first year of the United States War of Independence reveals the important events of the first year of the colonial rebellion.

Gardener's Guide to Those Other Brassica Crops
Brassica crops in the cabbage family are among the most nutritious and flavorful crops grown in the garden. The Gardener's Guide to Those Other Brassica Crops is a useful gardening guide for both beginning and veteran gardeners, includes cultural, preservation and planting information for collards, kale, Brussels sprouts and kohlrabi.

Indiana’s Timeless Tales - 1782 - 1791
The Northwest Territory - Book 1
Projected Publishing Date - December 7, 2018
Indiana’s Timeless Tales - 1782 - 1791 is a fascinating time line of events in the Northwest Territory that occurred before Indiana was a state. This volume covers events from the inception of the Northwest Territory until the tragic events surrounding St. Claire's Defeat.