Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Visit to Versailles State Park

A Visit to Versailles State Park
A Visit to Versailles State Park Versailles State Park provides ample family friendly activities in the great outdoors. The second largest Indiana state park offers hiking, boating, mountain biking, swimming, and fishing.
Indiana State Park visitors with horses can bring them to ride the many miles of horse trails the park provides. Anglers and canoeists can enjoy the 200-acre Versailles Lake as well as the channel of Laughery Creek that meanders through the Indiana countryside.
Versailles State Park has a beautiful campground for campers to relax while hiking the many miles of hiking trails or riding the mountain bike trail. The modern swimming pools offers an ideal place for families to cool off on hot summer days and budding naturalists can partake of the parks many nature programs offered by DNR staff members.
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