Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Visit to Vincennes, Indiana

A Visit to, Vincennes, IndianaVincennes, Indiana is steeped in Indiana history. The French established a trading post where the Buffalo Trace crossed the Wabash River in 1732.
During the Revolutionary War, Vincennes also played a historic role in the establishment of the first major addition to the United States when George Rogers Clark captured the city from the British.
Knox County was the third county organized when Congress established the Northwest Territory in 1790.
Vincennes continued it role in shaping Indiana history when President John Adams nominated Harrison to serve as governor of the new Indiana Territory in 1800. Vincennes would be the site of the Indiana Territorial government until 1814 when, in anticipation of statehood, the Territorial assembly moved the capital to more centrally located Corydon. 
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