Dark Fantasy Novel Series

Dark Fantasy Novel Series
Dark Fantasy Novel Series
Dark Fantasy Novel Series
The collection of books in the Dark Fantasy Novel Series include spooky stories that will chill your soul. Read at your own risk.

The Wizard's Magic Pipe
Beware the evil wizard that offers the magic pipe.
He promises power and immortality. Instead, he will give you a gift of evil horror that will terrorize you down to the bottom of your soul. 

Demon of Death
Patiently, the demon drifted in the still, murky water as it waited and watched. Jason made love to Cindy on a rock in the middle of the haunted pond. His lust sated, Jason relaxed. It was the last moment he would be happy. The demon struck.
Its first act was to kill that which Jason loved. That was just the beginning of the horror.
The supernatural, occult fantasy fiction thriller, Demon of Death, reveals the depths of depravity of demonic possession. The demon resurrects inside Jason’s body to launch a murderous rampage of death.

Always at a distance, he lurked, waiting. 
He would marry her. He would consummate that marriage with blood. 

Spirits quailed before the horror of the Gatherer of Souls as he neared completion of his terrible quest. One last soul stood between him and conquest of the Underworld.