Monday, February 4, 2019

02/2/2019 - Food Growers Association Annual Conference Conference Review

02/2/2019 - Food Growers Association Annual Conference Conference Review
I attended the Food Growers Association Annual Conference as a vendor on Saturday, February 3, 2019 and met a lot of great people. The folks that run the event put on a great conference that provides the attendees of the various seminars an abundance of good information on for growers and consumers of local foods. Other topics included composting, mulch/no till gardening, and edible plants for landscaping. As a vendor, I did not attend any of the seminars except the keynote address in the main hall by Ben Cohen of Small House Farm in Sanford, Michigan. Mr. Cohen gave an excellent talk on the importance of seeds and the need to save seeds from our own gardens and farms to use to produce crops. he noted that the Batesville Memorial Public Library is assisting in the effort with the establishment of a seed library that will help growers and gardeners procure seeds and then save them for future generations. I will write more about this later. This event is open to the public and next year I would urge you to attend the conference as a learner or just to visit and chat with the vendors that sell wonderful merchandise during the event.
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