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Sample Chapter - Gardener's Guide to Growing Onions in the Vegetable Garden - Onion Garden Culture:

Onion Garden Culture:

Onion Garden Culture:
Onion Garden Culture:
Gardener's Guide to Growing Onions in the Vegetable Garden
Gardener's Guide to Growing 
Onions in the Vegetable Garden
Plant onion sets shallow, with the tops exposed. Onion plants should be no more than one inch deep. As the onions grow, the bulb exposes itself about the soil. It is best to allow this, as it will help keep the onion from rotting as it matures. Use well rotted compost or a slow release fertilizer at planting. Onions will deplete the fertilizer as they grow. Onions that mature in the less fertile soil should be sweeter than onions that still have fertilizer available to them. Use organic mulch like shredded leaves or grass clippings to reduce weeds and conserve soil moisture. Keep the onions watered well, as they have shallow roots and cannot delve deep for water. Do not allow the soil to become soggy, as that will induce rot. Pencil size onion plants will produce the best onions. Larger ones may go to seed while smaller ones will stay small. Plant both the larger and smaller seedlings close together and harvest in a few weeks as green onions.
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