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Sample Chapter - Cucumber Propagation:- Gardener's Guide to the Cucumber

Cucumber Propagation:
Cucumber Propagation:
Cucumber Propagation:

Gardener's Guide to the Cucumber
Gardener's Guide to the Cucumber
Gardeners propagate cucumbers mainly by sowing seed purchased from a seed catalog or other seed retailer. It is possible to save seed from non-hybrid varieties of cucumber grown in the garden. To save seed, different varieties of cucumber must be separated by at leas one-half mile. Allow the cucumbers you wish to save seed from to ripen. The fruits saved for seed cannot be eaten. After the fruit has ripened, remove and allow the fruit to finish ripening in a cool, dry place for a few weeks. Slice the ripened seed lengthwise and scrape out the seeds and the jelly-like fluid with a spoon. Put the fluid and the seeds in a jar at room temperature for three to four days. During this time, the jelly will dissolve and the good seeds will sink. A fungus will form on the top. Skim the immature seeds and debris from the top of the liquid after the jelly has dissolved. Spread the seeds on a screen or paper towel to dry. Store the seeds in a cool area. A crisper drawer of the refrigerator is fine. The seed should stay good for a couple of years. Save the seed from at least three different plants to prevent inbreeding depression.
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