Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gardener's Guide to the Pepper

Gardener's Guide to the Pepper
Gardener's Guide to the Pepper

Growing peppers fresh in the garden creates a wonderful taste treat for the gardener. Green peppers or hot peppers are not hard to grow. Sweet peppers are tasty fresh, added to salads or cooked dishes. Hot peppers add zest to many recipes and can be dried, pickled or frozen.

The Gardeners' Guide to Growing Peppers has all the information the gardener needs to grow, harvest and preserve the peppers in the vegetable garden. Like the other vegetable planting guides, Gardeners’ Guide to Growing Peppers is an excellent book for veteran and beginning gardeners.

The garden vegetable series Gardener's Guide to Growing Your Vegetable Garden includes this book. This exciting new series of vegetable gardening books will include twenty vegetables. These are the most common ones grown in the home vegetable garden. The books will all include complete growing, culture, botanical, harvesting and storage information. Great for veteran or beginning gardeners the series is written for gardeners by a gardener.

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