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Gardener's Guide To The Peony - A Perennial For the Full Sun Perennial Flower Garden

Gardener's Guide To The Peony
Gardener's Guide To The Peony

The peony is one of the most beloved of the spring blooming full sun perennial flowers. The bold, magnificent blossoms enliven the late spring perennial garden.

Tough, long-lived and beautiful, this native of Asia has found its way into perennial flower gardens across the world. Peony hybridizers have developed an almost unlimited array of colors and classifications of this full sun lover. The peony has become beloved by millions of gardeners for its low maintenance requirements and longevity in the garden. Gardener’s Guide to the Peony contains all the information you need to grow this full sun perennial plant. You will find propagation, cultural, and potential problems included, as well as a list of nurseries you can find it.

Peony has many varieties available. You will find the most readily obtainable ones listed in this guide. Gardeners will also find the extensive seed catalog included in this book useful.

The Gardener’s Guide to the Full Sun Perennial Flower Garden Series contains twenty full sun perennial flowers for the home perennial flower garden. The flower guides have the information the gardener needs to grow the plants successfully. From culture, propagation and best varieties, each guide contains complete information on each plant.

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