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A Short History of Coins

A Short History of Coins
A Short History of Coins

The history of coins and money is a long and fascinating one.

Before the advent of coinage, people used many things as a medium of exchange. Tobacco, shells, and yes, cows. The advent of coinage presented people with a convenient way to transport and store wealth.

The history of coins began in the Bronze Age with simple bronze ingots. Coins grew increasingly more complex as the history passed to prevent counterfeiting, shaving and other illicit practices. As coinage grew in sophistication, their importance to trade grew as well. Metal coins provided a convenient medium of exchange that proved so important to the history of human civilization’s development it cannot be overstated.

The advent of the Industrial Revolution brought a further revolution to the important in the development of coins. Until that point in history, the production of coins had been a laborious hand operation. Indeed, production of coins remained the same throughout history until the coin press made the mass production of high quality coins possible.

A Short History of Coins provides a brief outline of how coins and coinage evolved from early, Bronze Age until today. The birth of the coin changed human history.

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