Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Dogtooth Violet, Trout Lily

Dogtooth Violet, Trout Lily
Joining the Spring Beauty to debut the wildflower season, the Trout Lily adds its shades of bright yellow flowers to the hilly slopes of the woodland.

Common Name:
Dogtooth Violet, Trout Lily
Botanical Name:
Erythronium americanum
Southern Indiana Wildflowers

Rich, moist
Hardiness Zone:
USDA Zone 3 - 9
Seed, planting of the offset bulbs
Flower Time - Southern Indiana:
Plant Height:
Four to ten inches
Flower Color:

The common name, Dogtooth Violet, refers to the tooth like appearance of the white bulb. Trout lily refers to the foliage's resemblance to the mottled skin of the trout. Trout lily is a very common early spring wildflower that will form huge colonies in suitable locations. Trout lily does well in the shaded perennial garden.
Trout Lily is a native North American wildflower. The genus name, Erythronium, is Greek for "another plant". Americanum simply means “of America”