Thursday, January 31, 2019

Clifty Falls Adventure - Part 3

Clifty Falls Adventure - Part 3
01-30 - Ohio River Drive
Guide to Indiana's Historic Sites
  South East Edition
We departed the park sometime around 2:30 PM and journeyed west on Indiana State Road 56 to the entrance to Hanover College, on the eastern edge of the little town of Hanover, Indiana. This road, called Scenic Road on Google Maps, has no sign other that the large Hanover College at its entrance. The road's name is indicative of its nature, as it curves along about a half mile, at times clinging to the side of a cliff that overlooks the canyon below. Sometimes drivers can catch a glimpse of the Ohio River.

Hanover College
Founded in 1827, Hanover is the oldest private college in Indiana. Affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, the liberal arts college's campus occupies a beautiful spot overlooking the Ohio River. Visitors driving through the campus can stop at a parking lot and walk along a sidewalk that has several spots to stop and partake of the magnificent view. From the college, we proceeded to drive down the hill on Hanover Beach Road. Hanover Beach is a small riverfront hamlet located on the banks of the Ohio River. We drove through the town, and continued our drive along County Road 366 West. This road soon turns from blacktop to gravel and led me to wonder what I was getting us into, as it was one lane and seemed to wend its way along the river, easily in view just a short distance away. The river was up, due to the recent rains which had melted the ample snowfall we had received earlier in the month.

Pretty Road
The view of the river from this doubtful looking road proved to be well worth the drive. In a couple of spots hairpin turns provided lovely spots to stop and admire the river, which lay just a few feet above the road at one point. Steep canyons to the left of the roads had small streams which drained into the river after tumbling over scenic waterfalls. We were able to observe, at close quarters, a large barge traveling downriver laden with cargo.
End of the road
I had intended to drive several miles along this road; however after we passed 10 Cent Road, the road came to an abrupt end, as the river level had risen to cover the road. A large sign announced that the road was closed due to flooding. After stopping the car, I walked to the waters edge and could see the course of the road, now inundated under several feet of river water. Disappointed that our road trip had ended so soon, I resolved to come back at a later time when the water was down to continue this pretty drive. We returned
to the highway on 10 Cent Road and a few other roads too numerous to get into. We drove into Madison to drive along the Riverfront Park, and returned to the Inn for dinner in the restaurant.