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A Year of Colonial American History Stories

A Year of Colonial American History Stories
A Year of Colonial American History Stories

Settling America - A Pioneer History of America has one history lesson a day in the settlement of early America. This December edition covers the historical events of December. The stories include both famous historical events as well as many forgotten little known, obscure facts.
This frontier history includes the following stories:
January 10, 1749 - Petition Filed To Repeal of the Ban Against Slaves
February 27, 1717 - The Great Snow of 1717
March 10, 1753- Liberty Bell Hung
April 3, 1735 - Georgia Bans Slavery
May 12, 1777 - First Ice Cream Advertisement
June 26, 1740 - Siege of Fort Mose - War of Jenkins Ear
July 07, 1774 - Paul Revere Adopts Snake Device
August 15, 1756 - Daniel Boone and Rebecca Married
September 11, 1740 - First Mention of a Black Doctor in Colonies
October 20, 1774 - Congress created the Continental Association
November 05, 1492 - Christopher Columbus learns of maize
December 21, 1767 - Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania

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