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American History A Day at A Time - October

American History A Day at A Time - October
American History A Day at A Time - October

Settling America – A Pioneer History of America has one history lesson a day in the settlement of early America. This October edition covers the historical events of October. The stories include both famous and forgotten historical events as well as some little known, obscure facts.
This frontier history includes the following stories on America’s origins:
October 03, 1650 - Parliament Passes Act Asserting Rule Over the Colonies
October 07, 1763 - Royal Proclamation of 1763
October 12, 1773 - America's first Public Hospital for the Mentally Ill Opens
October 19, 1469 - Ferdinand and Isabella Marry, Uniting Aragon and Castile
October 22, 1774 - John Galloway's Plan for a North American Parliament Defeated
October 27, 1682 - William Penn First Sets Foot in the Colonies

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