Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Day in Indiana History – December

Learn about Indiana history a day at a time. Ideal for history lovers, Day in Indiana History – December teaches the historical facts about Indiana in an easy to understand format. This volume includes the following articles:

December 03, 1806 - Vincennes Library Company Established

December 11, 1816 - Indiana Becomes a State

December 15, 1863 - 22nd Indiana Light Battery Mustered

December 19, 1868 - First Bridge Across Wabash at Vincennes Opens

December 24, 1824 - William Digby Purchased Land for Lafayette

The Indiana Bicentennial History Series will present the history of Indiana in a series of short articles that describe important facts and events in the history of the State of Indiana on a day-to-day format. The series presents those that wish to home school students about the history of the State of Indiana an ideal history book to do just that.

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