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A Year of Colonial American Frontier History

A Year of Colonial American Frontier History
A Year of Colonial American Frontier History
The American History a Day at A Time books present the story behind the headlines. It is easy and fun to learn a lesson in colonial American history facts daily. If you have ever read those “This Day in History” listings, you may have been curious about the events behind the scenes. The short history stories in this collection of history stories are from the pioneer frontier period of American history. They include historical facts and events for a whole year.

This complete edition of historical events includes:

January 10, 1776 Common Sense By Thomas Paine Published

February 9, 1674 English Re-Conquer New York From Netherlands

March 17, 1637 - The First Recorded Celebration Of St. Patrick's Day In Boston

April 6, 1712 - Slave Revolt In New York

May 3, 1654 - First Toll Bridge in the Colonies Authorized

June 5, 1752 - Benjamin Franklin's First Kite Experiment

July 4, 1754 - George Washington Surrenders Fort Necessity to France

August 27, 1665 - Ye Bare & Ye Cubb" Is First Play Performed In North America

September 01, 1730 - Benjamin Franklin Common-Law Marriage To Deborah Read

October 20, 1720 – Pirate Calico Jack Is Captured By the Royal Navy

November 22, 1718 - English pirate Edward Teach ("Blackbeard") Killed

December 23, 1750 - Ben Franklin Attempts to Electrocute a Turkey

Readers will enjoy these and over 350 more history lessons in American frontier history within the pages of this book.

This volume includes all twelve books in the American history series American History a Day at A Time – 2015. The series includes historical events from the pioneer era of frontier America. The series includes twelve books, one for each month of the year, forming a huge collection of daily historical facts and events in American frontier history. Expand your knowledge of frontier American history by reading a historical fact or event each day.
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