Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Visit to Brown County State Park

A Visit to Brown County State Park
A Visit to Brown County State Park
Brown County State Park provides a family friendly vacation destination with majestic vistas, great hiking and wonderful picnicking.
Nestled in southern Indiana's hills, Brown County State Park has everything you expect in an Indiana State Park. It also boasts some extras you might not expect. This Indiana State Park travel guide describes all the amenities of this popular state park. It also includes many of the attractions of nearby Columbus, Indiana and Nashville, Indiana. Brown County State Park is just a short distance from Nashville, Indiana with its quaint shops and art galleries.

Like all Indiana State Parks, this park is rich in hiking, boating, camping and fishing opportunities. Guests at the campground or in the cabins will experience a family friendly vacation that all ages can enjoy. Abe Martin Lodge provides comfortable rooms and a dining room for those wanting digs that are more conventional.
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