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American History A Day at A Time - June

American History A Day at A Time - June
American History A Day at A Time - June
Settling America – A Pioneer History of America - June Edition has one history story a day in the settlement of colonial America. This edition covers the historical events of June. Early American history is a fascinating story. The pioneers carved a nation from the North American frontier. Settling the American frontier was not easy. It involved hardships, disease and enduring harsh weather in a raw wilderness.

This frontier history includes the following articles:

June 5, 1752 - Benjamin Franklin's First Kite Experiment
June 9, 1628 - First deportation from British North American Colonies
June 14, 1642 - First compulsory education law in America passed by Massachusetts
June 18, 1621 - The First Duel In America Took Place
June 25, 1630 - Table Fork Introduced To American Dining By John Winthrop

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