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Abe's Guide to the Raised Garden Bed

Abe's Guide to the Raised Garden Bed provides complete instructions on building a raised bed garden from treated lumber.


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Few things are more satisfying than growing your own fresh vegetables from your garden. Traditional row gardens are high maintenance and take a lot of space. Using a raised bed gardening system a gardener can increase vegetable yield while cutting down on the work required.

Since raised beds usually need more water, Abe's Guide to the Raised Garden Bed provides instructions on how the author installed one in his garden. There are also instructions for a simple trickle system anyone can use.

The addition of a greenhouse structure over the beds can greatly extend the garden season by allowing certain vegetables to over winter in the protected environment inside the greenhouse. Abe's Guide to the Raised Garden Bed shows how the author installed a greenhouse over two of the raised beds, greatly extending the season.

The greenhouse can provide further protection by installing a double tunnel system inside the greenhouse. This double tunnel increases the survivability of plants inside the greenhouse.

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