Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Solar Power Primer

The sun works hard at producing all the solar power that falls on your home. Most of that energy radiates away from the house.

It burns its supply of hydrogen, using the power of fusion, to radiate light and heat out into space. The earth soaks up only a small portion of this solar energy. An even smaller part of that solar energy falls on your house. The amount of solar radiation that lands on you house is minuscule in relation to the total amount of solar energy the sun generates. However, that power is still ample enough to power numerous solar power devices in the home.

The sheer number of solar powered devices for the home is staggering. From solar attic fans to space and pool heating the number of ways to utilize solar energy, appear almost endless. Where do you start? This book should provide some of the basic information the homeowner needs to decipher some of the solar powered devices designed for the household. These devices range from items as simple as solar powered lights to complex systems designed to power an entire house.

The purpose of this book is to provide the average homeowner with the basic information about the various solar devices available. This is not a technical guide. Rather use it as a “discovery resource” to explore the various solar products on the market for the home. It should help you determine how you might best use solar energy to bring the power of the sun into your house.

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