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A Short History of Kites

A Short History of Kites
A Short History of Kites

Kite flying has played a key role in aviation history and the development of the airplane. Aviation pioneers like the Wright brothers flew kites to fine-tune the design of the first airplanes.

Steeped deep in our history, flying a kite has provided many hours of pleasure for those that enjoy flying them. However, the kite has been much more than just a toy. Aviation pioneers flew them to help them design the first aircraft.

The kite has served in the history of war, giving important advantages to those that learned to use its services. Kite flying Ben Franklin used a kite in his studies of electricity and many early scientists in history used kites to study weather.

The kite played an important role in the history of aviation. The Wright brothers flew and studied kites as they designed their airplane.

These kite stories tell the tale of the kite and its intriguing history. It is possible that humans would never have discovered the art of flying if the kite had never been developed. Its role in the history of aviation and the development of the first airplanes was essential.

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